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Laser & Engineering Technologies Cluster

The Public entity “Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics” (FIMTP) is the managing organisation of the Laser and Engineering Technology Cluster (LITEK) formed through the joint efforts of high-tech companies and researchers. FIMPT was established in 2010 by the Centre for Physical Sciences and Technology (CPST), the largest state scientific research institution in Lithuania carrying out fundamental research and technological development in the fields of laser technologies, optoelectronics, nuclear physics, organic chemistry, bio and nanotechnologies, electrochemical material science, functional materials, electronics. The aim of FIMPT is to act as a technology transfer facilitator between CPST and the laser industry.

LITEK companies specializes in manufacturing and development of scientific lasers & systems, industrial lasers, optoelectronics, laser optics, ultrafast optics, optical components, opto-mechanical components, nonlinear and laser crystals, industrial workstations for mass and small batch production with short pulse solid state and fibre lasers, workstations for research and development with nano and pico second solid state lasers, customized state-of-the-art systems for scientific research with pico and femto second lasers, laser micro machining units for Micro machining laboratories.

LITEK companies also provide services of laser materials processing technology, development, deployment and expertise, consultation lasers in the manufacturing process, optical coating design and characterization services, custom development for optical components, metal processing, three-dimensional parametric design of components, compounds, mechanisms.