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Best practices of academic innovation support programmes presented at the RespiceSME workshop on ”Aligning Education with Innovation”

At the RespiceSME workshop "Aligning Education with Innovation" experts from academia and industry presented best practice examples of innovation support programmes for students and young entrepreneurs, while sharing which skills are fundamental for succesful innovating & incorporating.

To find out more about strategies and practices of "Aligning Education with Innovation" implemented at European Universities, RTOs and companies today, as well as experiences made in this realm, please see the workshop's presentations below.

Welcome and introduction of the “tools” developed by Respice SME partners
by Samantha Michaux, Steinbeis 2i GmbH and Petra Bindig, PhotonicSweden

Open Entrepreneurship Integration of succesful entrepreneurs in the university ecosystem by Jes Broeng, DTU Fotonik

OptoNet Career Program MASTER+ by Peggy Lerner, OptoNet e.V.

Open access to photonic integration technologies; academic and industrial examples of photonic integrated circuits
by Katarzyna Ławniczuk, Photonic Integration Group, Eindhoven University of Technology

Photonics-enhanced Fablabs: Triggering innovation skills with entrepreneurial students
by Nathalie Debaes, VUB, B-PHOT, Brussels Photonics

The ieLab - fostering innovation and early entrepreneurship at the ETH Zurich
by Michael Stucky, ETH ieLab (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab)

How universities, research institutes and industry collaborate to foster innovation in the field of human-machine interaction by Reinhold Pabst Fraunhofer IoF, Innofo3D

What innovation skills should/could university education provide? by Tord Karlin, Mycronic

Experience of customer skills in the framework of industrial optical machine vision training
by Lars Fermum, Stemmer Imaging

From research to business, incubators as a bridge by Alessandro Candiani, DNAPhone


The RespiceSME consortium invites you to join the workshop “Aligning Education with Innovation” on the 28th of June 2017 from 13:00-18:00 at the Laser World of Photonics Congress in Munich (

The RespiceSME workshop will focus on ‘Best Practices’ examples of knowledge exchange relating on various forms of interactions between universities/institutes and the industry. The goal is also to analyse the challenges for improving the curricula of photonics courses and therewith, the educational offer in photonics (and related subjects) for students. Furthermore, it will be discussed and shown what tools and measures can be used in order to better scope the requirements of the industry (in particular SMEs) for improving and updating the curricula of physics / photonics courses.

WHY to participate?

The workshop is dedicated to:

  • Representatives of the industry
  • Innovation experts from academia
  • Representatives from EU educational institutions
  • Students

In order to trigger the interaction between SMEs and students, an informal ‘get together’ and a matchmaking session for jobs seekers will take place after the presentations. SMEs and students will meet to find or offer internships and jobs opportunities.

Are you interested in participating? Please check the programme of the event and register until the 20th of June at the latest under the following link!

Are you a SME representative? We would like to offer you the possibility to display job or internship offers to (PhD) students, discuss and network with them during the matchmaking session following the presentations.

For the publication of your offer, please use this form and send it back to Petra Bindig ( until the 20th of June at the latest!

Are you a student? We would like to offer you the possibility to discuss and network with company/institute representatives who offer jobs or internships to (PhD) students during the matchmaking session following the presentations.

For the job matchmaking, please send your Curriculum Vitae to Petra Bindig ( until the 20th of June at the latest!