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Illuminating the path to market for innovators in photonics – RespiceSME in EU Research magazine

Samantha Michaux, project coordinator of the Horizon 2020 project RespiceSME, talked to EU Research magazine about the immense impact of photonics on today’s science & economy and how RespiceSME helps photonics SMEs to make most of their innovative capacity.   

“The word photonics is not widely-understood in industry, yet it is a branch of science that has a huge impact on our lives and on our economy. […] We see the results of photonics in the automotive industry, in manufacturing, in applications for the energy sector, for environmental studies and more”, explains Samantha Michaux. “[RespiceSME] provides […] tools to analyse the business goals and processes of photonics SMEs effectively and support them by defining a sustainable innovation strategy”

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