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The RespiceSME Toolbox

RespiceSME provides a solid foundation through dedicated tools for enabling the innovation potential of high-tech photonics SMEs, stimulating new business collaborations in and beyond photonics, revealing support opportunities and building the innovation capacities for value creation in SMEs.

Stimulating new business collaborations in and beyond photonics 

Photonics technologies offer a seemingly boundless source of innovation for non-photonics sectors such as Environment/ Energy, Transport and Manufacturing – thereby enabling the penetration of new markets and?/?or new application areas close to markets. RespiceSME optimises the value of inter-sectoral applications of photonics by promoting better mutual understanding and exploitation of interdisciplinary value chains and sector roadmaps. For this purpose, the following tools will be implemented:

  • Methodology for Value Chain Analysis for commercial sectors of Environment/Energy, Transport and Manufacturing
  • Transfer of Best Practices between Photonics Clusters and National Platforms
  • Cross-sectoral Cluster Meeting to support the transfer of Photonics in new industrial sectors
  • Brokerage events to promote SMEs collaborations 

Enabling Innovation Potential of High-Tech Photonics SMEs

The ability of SMEs to exploit new technologies and to respond quickly to changing market needs gives them a pivotal role in the success of the European economy. Supporting high-tech photonics SMEs in their innovation process and bringing those innovations successfully into the market are the highest priorities of RespiceSME’s consortium which puts the following tools into practice:

  • Potential Innovation Index to benchmark innovation capacities of SMEs

  • Innovation Audit to measure innovation strengths and weaknesses of SMEs

  • Coaching Methodology and Innovation Assistants’ to help high-tech photonics SMEs to improve their innovation potential

Building innovation capacities for value creation in SMEs

The road between discoveries generated from basic research to commercial products is long and this is why it is crucial to ensure that research is properly aligned to commercialisation. In this framework, RespiceSME helps SMEs to overcome the Valley of Death’ and bring innovations to market through the following tools:

  • Methodology for easy access to Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs)

  • Access to skilled personnel through the education and training programmes

  • Analysis of Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3)

  • Access to finance