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Are you a photonics company representative and looking for collaboration partners to work on a business idea or to join a research project?    

RespiceSME project partners offer to disseminate your cooperation request or offer among their network of photonics companies. 

All you need to do is to fill out the Business & Technology Profile (please see templates below) with your company's Information and send it to Samantha Michaux (



Business & Technology Profiles

RespiceSME is dedicated to stimulating cooperation between photonics SMEs and potential integrators or customers/end-users of light technologies in Europe and beyond.

To this end, RespiceSME offers the dissemination of business cooperation offers and requests via its project platform and through the channels of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

The Business & Technology Profile service of RespiceSME is for companies which seek to grow their business.
With the publication of a profile, companies have the opportunity to look for customers and integrators of a newly developed product, offer their expertise or find collaboration partners for an EU-funded project. This offer is co-financed by the RespiceSME project and thus free of charge.

No matter what is the specific need of your company, the Business & Technology profiles are an excellent opportunity to advertise your business’ services and products among potential customers and partners.

This is how to proceed, if you are interested in publishing a cooperation offer or request through the RespiceSME channels:

1. First, fill out a Business & Technology Profile with your company information. Please select between:

2. Then, please send the template to Samantha Michaux ( for further dissemination.

Current Business & Technology Offers and Requests

Find below profiles of European SMEs, which RespiceSME received for further dissemination. All the below included companies offer or look for technology or business partnership.

To get in contact with one of the SMEs, please reach out to the RespiceSME coordinator Samantha Michaux, All inquiries are free-of-charge and are dealt with confidentiality.


Business and Technology Offer: Single-crystal coating for precision interferometry, space based navigation and high-power laser manufacturing
Offer: Crystalline coatings with a 10-30 times improved performance over state of the art sputtered coatings.
Partnerships sought: Industry, Academia and Research Organisation, VC, preferably from China/India or other Asian countries.

Business and Technology Offer: 3D Additive Manufacturing Solutions - Service Support and Sale of 3D Printing Systems Metal & Plastic
Offer: Specialist consultancy on the topic “Additive Manufacturing”, and supply of material-open systems and quality approved materials.
Partnerships sought: Customers and sales partners.

Business and Technology Offer: 3D Printing Service Provider, Additive Manufacturing Metal & Plastic
Wide range of 3D printing services: from initial consulting, to topology optimization, to process simulation and realization of high accurate parts in a wide range of materials such as Titan, Aluminium, Steels, Polyamides, etc..
Partnerships sought: Distributors and customers from Industry or Research Organization, Academy.

Business and Technology Offer: Freeform micro-optical elements
Design of ultrathin freeform micro-optical elements (≤ 60 μm) by optical simulation as well as the support of manufacturing freeform micro-optical elements.
Partnerships sought: Research and cooperation partners from Research Organisations, Industry. 


Business and Technology Offer: Contactless online production or process control & automated inspection of dielectric compounds/ plastic-metal hybrid systems
Offer: Contactless non-destructive testing and biomedical imaging, know-how in terahertz analysis for various applications.
Partnerships sought: Industry / in biomedical sector also research organisation.

Technology Offer: Unclonable fingerprints through 4D Printing of multifunctional thin oxide films
Offer: Etiquette-based security system, relying on patterned material properties unique fingerprint used to identify, trace or authenticate smart objects or data (physically & digitally).
Partnerships sought: Industrial or governmental cooperation; licensing of patented innovation.


Business and Technology Offer: Spectral Middleware
Offer: Expertise in spectroscopy and hyperspectral cameras; spectral middleware software (connection between camera & machine) for sorting, recycling, quality control and colour measurement.
Partnerships sought: Partnerships with hardware companies active in spectroscopy or hyperspectral cameras; manufacturing industries looking for software solutions for their machines.

Technology Offer: Thin disc laser technology
Offer: Thin disc laser technology from components to complete laser sources.
Partnerships sought: Commercial agreement with technical agreement in laser processing, technical and research agreement for HHG and OPCPA.

Business and Technology Offer: Cognitive Augmented Reality – Using AI on reference videos for Augmented Reality content creation
Offer: Technology that allows the extraction of digital process knowledge from a reference video. This process knowledge can be used as step-by-step instruction manuals or for image based error detection.
Partnerships sought: Academic partners and application partners to further enhance the technology with new sensor equipment, new algorithmic approaches or new fields of application. 

Business and Technology Offer: Microsystems Technology for SMEs
Offer: Technology and engineering services in the field of microsystems technology and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS).
Partnerships sought: The company’s services target SMEs, but also research institutes and research departments of bigger companies. The company mainly acts as contractor, but is also open to any other type of cooperation/partnership.

Business Offer: Sensing Devices for Toxic (CO) and Explosive (hydrocarbon) Gases
The company develops and manufactures opto-electronic products for test, measurement and fibre sensing.
Partnerships sought: The company is looking for potential customers with interest in these security related sensing devices that help to either increase product-safety, examples are furnaces or caravans/trailers), or become a private-label part in safety and surveillance systems for private homes, or the industry.


Technology Offer: Automatic characterization of films and coatings on large substrates
Offer: Compact bench-top tool suitable for automatic characterization of films and coatings on large substrates.
Partnerships sought: Industrial partners for commercial agreement.

Technology Offer: Turn-key solution for accurate & precise optical characterization of transparent and semi-transparent single films or stack of films
Offer: USB-powered characterization of (semi-)transparent single films/stack of films.
Partnerships sought: Industrial partners for commercial agreement.


Business and Technology Offer: Smart and portable devices for biochemical analysis
Offer: Services regarding the design/implementation of optical diagnostic devices for biological applications.
Partnerships sought: Industry or academic partnership, distributors or R&D/research.


Business and Technology Offer: Highly customized micromachining workstations
Offer: Optimized micromachining workstations, equipped with incorporated nanosecond, picosecond and femtosecond laser sources for scientific and industrial applications.
Partnerships sought: Commercial companies and research institutions that are interested in the acquisition of micromachining devices.

Business and Technology Offer: Manufacturing of optical coatings and components
Offer: Optical components coated with various technologies, e.g. Resistive Thermal Evaporation, Electron Beam Evaporation, Magnetron sputtering Deposition.
Partnerships sought: Business partners (industry, academy or research organisations) who are looking for high-quality dielectric thin film, metallic coating for various optical glass and crystals.

Technology Offer: Laser-induced selective surface activation
Offer: Cost effective technology: “Selective surface activation induced by a laser (SSAIL)” for circuit traces formation on both plastic and glass surface.
Partnerships sought: Industry partners or researchers that are electronics developers and manufacturers or other hi-tech sector companies


Business Offer: High-speed infrared cameras
Offer: Innovative high-speed infrared cameras (MWIR, 1 – 5 microns wavelength range) for manufacturing process monitoring and control
Partnerships sought: Integrators of laser welding, laser additive manufacturing (LMD, cladding) and laser tempering, among others, who are interested in using infrared cameras for real-time detection of defects in the production line.

Business and Technology Offer: Femtosecond and nanosecond laser services
Laser texturing services (functional and design), laser micro milling and industrial engraving of moulds, tools or pieces. The company has a femtosecond laser machine in 5 axis at its disposal.
Partnerships sought: Industry or research organisations, active in manufacturing and product design. Possible application markets are medical, perfumery, cosmetics, watch industry, electrical and electronic components and devices, aeronautics and general industry.

Business and Technology Offer: Co-creation of “LaserLabs”
Equipment of laser testing facilities with all fibre pulsed lasers. The goal is to create a network of Laserlabs in cooperation with partners from research and industry.
Partnerships sought: Public or private research organisations, working in Imaging, Spectroscopy, Vision & Metrology, Medical Devices, Microelectronics, Macro to Nano manufacturing, Optical Comm..

Business and Technology Offer: Fabrication of diamond coated materials
Technology for diamond coatings synthesis. Production of materials with superior properties through the combination of diamond coatings with materials that need to be reinforced (e.g. metal, ceramics or glass pieces).
Partnerships sought:
Manufacturer / distributor / Photonics & Laser industry/ user et al..


Technology Offer in Fiber Optical Sensing
Offer: Modules, subsystems and systems based on Fiber Bragg Gratingss (FBGs) for Telecommunication and Fibre Optical Sensing
Partnerships sought: Applied Research Organisations for technical or research co-operation agreement in the field of Fibre Optical Sensing with a particular focus on harsh environment packaging, optronics and metrology.

Business and Technology Offer in development of products and equipment incorporating optics and illumination
Offer: Expertise in lighting and optics; Competitive advantage using smart and eye-catching light design; Reduced costs for manufacturing with optimized and production oriented solutions; Quicker and more efficient production with improved quality control
Partnerships sought: Research and commercial partners who are developing new products and need consultancy services for production oriented solutions.

United Kingdom

Business and Technology Offer: Precision laser micromachining and optical fibre termination
Precision laser process development from concept through to fully automated volume production equipment or subcontract processing service.
Partnerships sought: The company is seeking opportunities to connect and collaborate with companies and consortia where precision materials processing, micromachining, material handling and inspection is required.

Horizon 2020 Partner Request: Precision laser processing and micromachining
Request: Precision laser processing and micromachining development partner, looking to participate and provide process development, qualification and transitioning to process demonstrators and production scale up.
Call: No specific call is identified, however the company is happy to consider participation in project across a range of sectors including high tech, electronics, photonics, bio medical, telecom/Datacom, automotive, aerospace and so on.