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Innovation audit questionnaire

The following questionnaire is part of the RespiceSME Innovation Audit. It aims at evaluating the innovation potential of high-tech photonics SMEs. The RespiceSME consortium analyses 7 main areas for innovation practice which have been adopted for the purpose of the project and identified as the most suitable to capture the innovation potential of high-tech photonics SMEs. The 7 main areas are: 1) Ideas creation and creativity, 2) Design and new product development, 3) Competence management, 4) Competitive technology intelligence, 5) Project Management, 6) Knowledge Management, 7) Value Chain analysis.

Innovation audit questionnaire

Photonics Training Courses offered in Europe

Photonics are taught at many Universities and academic institutions across Europe. However, many students do not know about the excellent opportunities for studying Photonics or getting a specialization in Photonics, e.g. in the framework of a Bachelor or Master programme. 

The RespiceSME consortium compiled a comprehensive overview of relevant Photonics training courses offered in France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom to support students in their search.

RespiceSME Value Chain Analysis

The RespiceSME Value Chain Analysis is a tool for SMEs seeking to expand their business beyond the photonics sector. It helps SMEs to acquire a general understanding of the targeted non-photonics field of application and to assess the innovative potential of their photonics product for this field.
The tool also challenges SMEs to reflect on the larger potential for photonics in the enabled application field and to identify gaps/weaknesses regarding the TRL of their products in the value chain.

With the Value Chain Analysis results’ SMEs are equipped to develop their own, tailor-made strategy for growing their business beyond the photonics-only sector.

Watch the video introduction to the RespiceSME Value Chain Analysis below to get more information about the tool and how to apply it. 

Mapping list of RTOs

Looking for a pilot production line, targeted services related to know-how transfer or research organisations to support your innovation project?

The RespiceSME consortium provides you with a mapping list of European Research Technology Organisations (RTOs). This list primarly covers the photonics sector, but also RTOs from other sectors where photonics penetrate or find end-users such as transport, energy/environment and manufacturing.