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Degree University/School Course title Region City Description Contact name Telephone E-mail Website
Bachelor, certificate, associate degree Saxion HBO-Bachelor Technische Natuurkunde Overijssel Enschede Are you interested in the development of nanotechnology? Or curious about the workings of a 3D TV? Whether you want to know about new medical equipment, such as a camera pill? Then Applied Physics is for you! (00) 31 (0)570 - 60 37 00
Bachelor, certificate, associate degree Den Haag Hogeschool HBO-Bachelor Technische Natuurkunde South Holland Delft Applied Physics Applied Physics. The formulas and calculation that you're doing in the last few years, suddenly get on the exciting side. 00 31 (0)15 - 260 6200
Bachelor, certificate, associate degree Fontys Hogescholen Eindhoven HBO-Bachelor Technische Natuurkunde North Brabant Eindhoven With Applied Physics combine your interest in physics with the latest developments and applications in technology. 00 31 (0)8850 77311
Master University of Leiden Physics Master: specialisation: Research in Physics, Quantum Matter and Optics South Holland Leiden It offers comprehensive coverage of major current research themes, such as scanning probe techniques based on atomic force and scanning tunneling microscopy, molecular electronics, oxide electronics, superconductivity, quantum optics and quantum information, and strong photon-matter interaction. 00 31 (0)71 527 80 11
Master University of Groningen Applied Physics Master Groningen Groningen The Master's degree programme in Applied Physics offers an excellent combination of fundamental research on the one hand, and an open eye to possible industrial applications on the other.
Master Radboud University Master Physics and Astronomy Gelderland Nijmegen Applying the laws of physics in real-life situations, ranging from measuring brain activity to designing new materials and investigating space objects . Emily van Mierlo 00 31 (0)24 365 30 13
Master Delft University of Technology Master Applied Physics:Imaging Physics Track South Holland Delft Applied Physics covers phenomena ranging from the infinitesimally small – subatomic particles – to the unimaginably large – the universe. Applied physics is about translating a deep understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of physics into concrete results to benefit society. Tamara Bacsik 00 31 (0)15 278 8180
Master Eindhoven University of Technology Applied Physics Master North Brabant Eindhoven The Master’s degree program in Applied Physics gives you the opportunity to get involved in physical phenomena, new technologies and measurement methods. These are based on technical applications of physical principles in the most diverse disciplines. 00 31 (0)40 247 4415
Master University of Twente Applied Physics Master, specialisation Optics and Biophysics Overijssel Enschede The specialization in Optics and Biophysics of the MSc in Applied Physics focuses on research into the properties of light and laser technologies and life processes. 00 31 (0)53 4895489
Doctoral AMOLF FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics North Holland Amsterdam Quality, ambition, and multidisciplinary inspiration are AMOLF's guiding principles in carrying out its mission. Nanophotonics will lead to new ways to generate, guide, direct, focus, concentrate and slow down light, to control light at the quantum level and to explore the magnetic component of light. 00 31 (0)20 754 7100
Doctoral ARCNL Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography North Holland Amsterdam he Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography (ARCNL) focuses on the fundamental physics involved in current and future key technologies in nanolithography, primarily for the semiconductor industry. A significant part of the initial program is devoted to the physics that is central in the generation of high intensities of extreme ultraviolet light and its use in nanolithography. 00 31 (0)20 851 7100