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Photonics Training Courses Spain

Degree Course title Region City Description Contact name Telephone E-mail Website
Bachelor Bachelor's Degree in Physics Valencia Valencia The Degree in Physics aims to provide a solid training based on physical phenomena and the laws and models that explain them, providing familiarity with the language of mathematics, the experimental method, sophisticated instrumentation and computational methods. It also provides an introduction to various leading basic and applied research fields such as optics and photonics. Mª Carmen Martínez Tomás (+34)963544754
Bachelor Bachelor's Degree in Optics and Optometry Valencia Valencia The aim of the Degree in Optics and Optometry is to produce highly-qualified specialists in visual healthcare by organising activities aimed at the prevention, detection, analysis and treatment of alterations in vision. Francisco Sañudo Buitrago (+34)963543208
Bachelor Bachelor's Degree in Nanotechnology Barcelona Bellaterra The UAB Bachelor's Degree in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology offers studies of an interdisciplinary nature: it combines content from physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics and it focuses on areas of application, like technology, materials, biotechnology, medicine, energy and the environment. Photonics are found in several of its areas, including physics or chemistry, where many phenomena are studied in the optical point of view as well as using many photonics-related microscopies. Maria del Pilar Casado Lechuga (+34)935814285
Bachelor Bachelor's Degree in Physics Barcelona Bellaterra The Bachelor's Degree in Physics at the UAB has two main purposes: firstly, to aid students in acquiring a solid scientific foundation; secondly, to aid them in acquiring interdisciplinary and transversal scientific training . Many photonics-related subjects and techniques are studied. Carles Navau Ros (+34)93581 2596
Bachelor Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Physics Barcelona Barcelona This bachelor's degree will enable you to understand basic scientific principles and their application in the key emerging technologies that will drive development in the years ahead: photonics, nanotechnology, micro- and nanoelectronics, advanced materials and biotechnology Josep Lluis Tamarit Mur (+34)93 4016564
Bachelor Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Engineering Barcelona Barcelona The bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering provides the knowledge needed to supervise and manage engineering projects related to the design of equipment for monitoring, diagnosis and treatment and information and communication systems for healthcare, remote medicine, remote monitoring and equipment quality control. Xavier Gil Mur (+34)934137400 
Bachelor Bachelor's Degree in Optics and Optometry Barcelona Terrassa In the bachelor's degree in Optics and Optometry, you will study both medical and technology-related subjects, developing the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose, prevent and treat vision problems. Joan Gispets Parcerisas (+34)937398300
Bachelor Bachelor's Degree in Physics Bizkaia Leioa Broad physics degree in which photonics is present in their fundamental fields including optical background and thechniques as well as light nature and phonomena. Physics Faculty (+34)946012000
Bachelor Bachelor's Degree in Physics Barcelona Barcelona You will learn the physical and theoretical phenomena of physics and the laws and models which govern and explain these, the skills to formulate functional and quantitative relationships in mathematical language for problem solving and experimental methods to develop scientific knowledge and validate theories and models. Marta Ibañes Minguez (+34)934039177
Bachelor Bachelor's Degree in Optics and Optometry Santiago Santiago de Compostela This Bachelor's Degree trains Primary Care Health Professionals, which performs sight and eye exams, design, verification and adaptation of optical systems, design and development of sight training programs.  Maria Jesus Giraldez Fernandez (+34)881811000
Bachelor Bachelor's Degree in Physics Santiago Santiago de Compostela Physicists' great versatility is undeniable and it puts them in an advantageous position due to their expertise and the diversity of career opportunities available to them. Jose Manuel Sanchez de Santos (+34)881811000
Master Master's Degree in Advanced Optometry and Vision Sciences Valencia Valencia With these Master’s studies a high training will be obtained for the professional specialisation in different areas of the optometry, such as the geriatric optometry, visual therapies or the optometric aspects of the refractive surgery, among others. The studies will prepare in addition for taking on research tasks both in the area of Vision Sciences and the applied clinic research. Antonio López Alemany (+34)963543199
Master Erasmus Mundus Master's Degree in Photonics Engineering, Nanophotonics and Biophotonics (Europhotonics) Europe Europe The EUROPHOTONICS-POESII Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) started in 2010 is a two years Master program focusing on advanced research and applied topics that will constitute the near and extended future scientific goals in the field of Photonics Engineering, Nanophotonics, Biophotonics, with interdisciplinary applications. Crina Maria Cojocaru (+34)937398571
Master Master's Degree in Computer Vision Barcelona Barcelona This master comprises computer vision in multiple systems, such as assisting medical diagnosis and surgery, car driving, quality control and surveillance applications, or improving interfaces for multimedia data access. Maria Vanrell Martorell (+34)935812415
Master Master's Degree in Photonics Barcelona Barcelona The goal of the master’s degree in Photonics is to provide students with a solid grounding in the various areas of photonics and with the tools they need to become researchers or entrepreneurs in this field. Crina Maria Cojocaru (+34)937398571
Master Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering Barcelona Barcelona The master's degree in Biomedical Engineering provides advanced training in various aspects of the discipline. It provides the foundations for academic or professional specialization and an introduction to applied research among which photonics is found in instrumentation, sensors or image treatment. Montserrat Vallverdu Ferrer (+34)934017160
Master Master's Degree in Optometry and Vision Sciences Barcelona Barcelona Master's degree in Optometry and Vision Sciences allows you to specialise professionally in areas of optics and optometry such as the cornea and contact lenses, paediatric optometry, geriatric optometry, visual therapies, low vision and optometric aspects of refractive surgery. Aurora Torrents (+34)937398336
Master Master's Degree in Quantum Science and Technology San Sebastián Donostia This Master's program squarely recognizes this fact by providing a solid foundation in several facets of quantum science and technology. It includes relevant photonic areas in the fields of quantum optics and quantum dots. Iñigo Luis Egusquiza Egusquiza (+34)881811000
Master Master's Degree in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Barcelona Barcelona Nanoscience and Nanotechnology aim to provide knowledge of the matter structure to control its behaviour at the nanoscale, and to exploit it for the design and development of new products and systems. It includes nanophotonics, nanosensors, imaging and spectroscopies. Sergio Hernandez Marquez (+34)934029069
Master Master's Degree in Communications Pamplona Pamplona The main objective of the Master’s in Communications is for students to understand how the different parts that make up a complete communication system work until they are capable of coming up with original ideas. Photonics are found here in optical communications branch. Carlos del Rio Bocio (+34)948169326
Master Master's Degree in Physics Santiago Santiago de Compostela This Master's in Physics is essentially research oriented , but at the same time it provides cutting edge and up-to-date training in Physics that gives graduates the opportunity to access jobs in the different productivity sectors. It allows the specialization in Light and Radiation Physics. Luis Miguel Varela Cabo (+34)881811000
Master Master's Degree in Photonics and Laser Technology Santiago Santiago de Compostela The master's degree trains students to work in any field that requires a general knowledge of lasers, their foundations and applications.  Maria Teresa Flores Arias (+34)881811000
Master Master's Degree in Vision Science Research Santiago Santiago de Compostela The aim of this master's degree is offering comprehensive training in vision science, combining biomedical, physical-optical and neurophysiological aspects, as well as providing the essential previous preparation for future researchers, scientists and university professors. Maria Teresa Rodriguez Ares (+34)881811000
Doctoral Doctoral Programme in Optometry and Vision Sciences Valencia Valencia This doctoral programme provides formation for professional activity, basic research and clinical research and prepare teaching at different levels. It is related with a broad offer of research lines such as optometry, image capture and display techniques, phisiological optics and many more. Alejandro Cervio Expósito (+34)963544852
Doctoral Doctoral Programme in Physics Valencia Valencia Doctoral programme focused on research and teaching in the fields of photonics, quantum optics, nonlinear optics and photonics, image creation and reconstruction and quantum chromodynamics. Nuria Rius Dionis (+34)963543516
Doctoral Doctoral Programme in Optical Engineering Barcelona Terrassa Several departments and research groups have contributed to this high quality, multidisciplinary doctoral programme so that more aspects of optical engineering can be addressed. M. Montserrat Arjona Carbonell (+34)937398907
Doctoral Doctoral Programme in Photonics Barcelona Castelldefels The program aims to produce some of the next generation frontier-expanders and decision-makers in area of Photonics, both in academia and in industry. As part of their training, PhD students will acquire transversal skills as well as a broad-based knowledge of the theory and practice underpinning their choice subtopic inside the Sciences of Light. David Artigas Garcia (+34)935534136
Doctoral Erasmus Mundus Doctoral Program in Photonics Engineering, Nanophotonics and Biophotonics (Europhotonics) Europe Europe The goal of the program is to involve doctorate students in cutting-edge research projects profiting from the complementarity between the five partners, and from a wide range of research, training and teaching opportunities that includes fundamental and general sciences, technology, languages and communication, research and industrial management, technology transfer, career exploratory support, international meetings, workshops and conference participation. David Artigas Garcia (+34)935534136
Doctoral Doctoral Programme in Biomedical Engineering Barcelona Barcelona This doctoral programme is related with some photonics-related disciplines, the most relevant being instrumentation, sensoring and computer vision. Raimon Jane Campos (+34)934017158
Doctoral Doctoral Programme in Laser Applications in Chemistry Bizkaia Leioa The research subjects are the molecular or microscopic properties of (bio)chemical and physical systems. The studies are carried out by experimental methods, using lasers and additional excitation sources employing state-of-the-art technologies, aided by quantum chemistry calculations. Francisco José Basterrechea Elguezabal (+34)946012532
Doctoral Doctoral Programme in Physics of Nanostructures and Advanced Materials San Sebastián Donostia The topic of the program is interdisciplinary and is primarily related to Condensed Matter and Applied Physics as well as to Material Science, with emphasis on its relationship with Nanoscience. Some research lines are photonics, photovoltaics and microscopic and spectroscopic analysis of functional solid interfaces. Angel Maria Alegria Loinaz (+34)943018203
Doctoral Doctoral Programme in Engineering and Applied Sciences Barcelona Barcelona This is an interdisciplinary doctoral programme comprising physics, chemistry and engineering as well as new technologies areas, including photovoltaics Angel Diéguez Barrientos  (+34)934039149
Doctoral Doctoral Programme in Physics Barcelona Barcelona As a branch of physics, this doctoral programme offers an specialization in applied physics and optics as well as sensoring. Lluís Mañosa Carrera (+34)934039181
Doctoral Doctoral Programme in Nanosciences Barcelona Barcelona Modeling and simulation of systems and properties of matter in nanoscale, nanobiotechnology, nanopharmacotherapy, nanomagnetism, nanoelectronics and nanophotonics, nanostructured materials, nanoenergy: production, storage and environment. Albert Cirera Hernández (+34)934039167
Doctoral Doctoral Programme in Communication Technologies, Bioengineering and Renewable Energy Pamplona Pamplona This programme has broad amoung of photonics-related disciplines such as image processing and computer vision, optical communications, optoelectronics and integrated photonics. Carlos Del Río Bocio (+34)948169326
Doctoral Doctoral Programme in Laser, Photonics and Vision Santiago Santiago de Compostela Its study focuses on the development of technologies with high-interest applications in a wide and varied number of socio-economic and health areas, ranging from telecommunications, life sciences and health, the environment, the industrial metrology, leisure, etc., to the scientific-technical-techniques frontiers of nano optics, processing and quantum communications, optical metamaterials, etc. Jesús Liñares Beiras (+34)981563100